Below you can find the list of currently confirmed lectures of ASPM 2013.

The conference programme can be found here.


Plenary lectures


  • Ann-Christine Albertsson: Sustainable Biobased Materials
  • Nikos Hadjichristidis: Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Well-Defined Copolypeptides
  • Alamgir Karim: Dynamic Directed Assembly of Functional Multicomponent Polymer Films
  • Gerhard Wegner: Polyvinylphosphonic Acid (PVPA) - The Challenge to Create a Polyelectrolyte for Advanced Technologies


Keynote lectures


  • Matthew L. Becker: Regioselective Functionalization of Polymer Constructs with Growth Factor Peptides for Regenerative Medicine: Gels, Fibers & Scaffolds
  • Michael R. Buchmeiser: Rechargeable Batteries Based on Li-Sulfur/Poly(acrylonitrile) Composite Materials: Synthesis and Structure-Related Electrochemistry
  • Andrzej Dworak: Non-linear Macromolecules of Controlled Structure and High Functionality
  • Todd Emrick: New Synthetic Polymers and Nanocomposites: From Self-directed Assembly to Semiconductor Superhighways
  • Lucia Gardossi: Enzymatic Catalysis for Polycondensation: Potential Impact and Technological Barriers

  • Dieter P. Gruber: New Ways for the Characterization of Appearance Properties of Plastic Products and Components Close to Human Vision
  • Sabine Hild: Scanning Force Microscopy Beyond Imaging: Determine Polymer Properties on the Nm-scale
  • Peter Krajnc: Creating Hierarchially Porous Polymer Materials with Emulsion Templating
  • Igor Lacik: Zwitterionic Polymers: Kinetics, Characterization and Biomedical Applications
  • Robert Liska: Thiol-Ene Polymerization of Biocompatible Monomers in Additive Manufacturing Technology
  • Matej Praprotnik: Open Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Star Polymers
  • Coleen Pugh: Synthesis of Functionalized PLA and PLGA
  • Volker Ribitsch: Functional Materials from Polysaccharides
  • Mark D. Soucek: Alkyd Technology 
  • Gregor Trimmel: Nanoparticle-polymer Hybrid Solar Cells
  • Ema Žagar: Utility of Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Techniques for a Detailed Characterization of Poly(styrene-b-isoprene) Miktoarm Star Copolymers with Complex Architecture

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